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"Dreams in a Toy Box" "Silent Poems"
Idea: Y. Yamamoto Direction: Y. Yamamoto, I. Masumura
Art design: Y. Yamamoto
They have been invited to perform at international puppet festivals in many countries and received 'The Best Quality of the Artist Animation Award' in Hungary in 1996. Without words, puppets and puppeteers create poetic worlds. They are collections of marionette art performances that inspire softly the audience's imagination. Such imaginative worlds that only puppets can create touch everyone's heart.

"In the Woods of Varelser"
Idea/Direction/Art design: Y. Yamamoto
An egg of a dragon had fallen from the sky. In the woods of Varelser where fairies and various creatures live together, there was a story of meeting and departing. This is a spectacular fantasy that makes the audience's heart warm.

"A Dragon nicknamed 'Old"
Idea/Art design: Y. Yamamoto Script: Fuyuki Direction: I. Masumura
Just open your heart with sweet feeling and you will see Old's dream world. Wondrous creatures on the circular stage invite you to a fantastic adventure.

"The Story of a Stupid Dragon"
Idea: S. Saito Script/Direction: J. Yoshinaga Art design: Y. Yamamoto
Ryu, a dragon who is friendly but a little bit stupid, lives in the woods. Such Ryu and selfish village people create a funny but sad story. You will hear the message 'love and live in harmony with mountains, rivers and all creatures there.'

"Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell"
Idea/Direction: Y. Yamamoto, I. Masumura Art design: Y. Yamamoto
This is an omnibus style performance, composed of various short tales. All these tales are based on Japanese legend and folk myths, expressing dreams, illusions, and real world. Without words, only old folk songs, music, and voices are used on the stage. The leading parts are played by spirits and fairies living in the nature or by the nature itself. We who live in modern society often forget about invisible existence around us. This will bring everyone's heart the myth of spirits and fairies of ancient Japan.