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Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell

Spirits in nature wake up......
Have you noticed the signs of spirits around us?
There are invisible beings in this world. They send invisible signs to us. You, too, can feel their existence if you warm your heart and sharpen your sensitivity. You can see and hear them as ancient people could. Quietly, mischievously, and roughly, spirits and fairies in the darkness will appear in front of you.

This 'Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell' is an omnibus style performance composed of various short tales. All these tales are based on Japanese legends and folk myths expressing dreams, illusions and the real world. Only old folk songs, music and voices, not words, are used on the stage. The leading parts are played by spirits and fairies living in the nature or by the nature itself. We who live in the modern society often forget about invisible existence around us. This will bring everyone's heart the myth of spirits and fairies of ancient Japan.

Idea: Y.Yamamoto & I.Masumura
Art Design: Y.Yamamoto
Director: Isamu Takahata (Animation film director)
Puppeteers: Y.Yamamoto & I.Masumura

'Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell' was reconceived by Mr.Takahata, the film director of Studio GHIBLI, in 2000. This is a collection of short pieces of non-verbal performance with some sounds, based on Japanese legends and folk tales. It is a performing art of puppeteers, and puppets' dance and mime. Imaginary creatures, legendary spirits, and nature herself appear on stage.
About 'Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell'
By Mr. Isamu Takahata

I have impressed by Mr. Yoshiya Yamamoto's mastery puppets. He seems to put real lives into his puppets, so I felt that the puppets look like dead after Kawasemi-za's show finished. It is no doubt that so many people are attracted to his puppets' performances all over the world. Mr. & Mrs. Yamamoto challenge to express Japanese legendary spirits on the present stage. I directed and recognized this 'Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell', and hope you enjoy this illusionary world.
Subtlety of 'Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell'
By Tsuyoshi Iwanami (article in THEATRE, March 2000)

I chose 'Where Spirits and Fairies Dwell' of Kawasemi-za as the best stage performance in 2002. Flower spirits, Goblins, Water spirit, and small animals appear from the darkness, crawl, fly, and play on stage. They looked like real living creatures. The subtlety of the puppets' movements made the realistic scene of old Japanese countryside into illusionary abstraction. Even though no word/language is used, Japanese folk songs bring something to the audience's heart. They might be something that modern Japanese people are forgetting in exchange for economic development.
Tsuyosi Iwanami
a weasel, CHORO-SUKE
a baby weasel, CHUI
a flower spirit, FUUKO
flower goblins of mountain spirits, GUJI and GOBE
a water spirit, TSURARA
a catfish
a house spirit, HINANO
a fox, KON
a crow long-nosed goblin
a boy, TARO
a snow wolf, BUL
a snow woman, OKOORI

received Successful Performance Award at Tokyo 2000 Art Festival in 2000
* received Special Recommendation Award by Central Children's Welfare Association in 2000

Please contact Ms.Takae KONUMA, overseas coordinator of Kawasemi-za for further information, if you have interests in having this performance in your country. >>contact form